By Kelly Brewer

First Contact

Book 1: The Deepening

An ex-Marine-turned-rock-god thought his group was skyrocketing to off-planet glory.


Things started out well for Kyle Supplantis, the first rock star in history to entertain anyone other than Earthlings. Unfortunately, his groundbreaking tour of the inhabited solar system, circa A.D. 2492, ends in a way no one expected.

At the final sold-out show orbiting Neptune, Kyle is serenading Mercy, his brand-new beautiful wife, the daughter of a Jupiter billionaire, when he is suddenly faced with a deadly choice for him and his new family.

Can a rock star save humanity from complete annihilation? Can he and his crew complete their raucous journey as a series of horrific events lead to a shocking revelation that will change humanity forever?

Meet the Author

Kelly Brewer

Defying authority is pretty much Kelly Brewer’s entire life. From rock’n’roll to getting kicked out of churches for asking too many questions, there is one thing that has remained constant for him: Seek the Truth.

And whether he is writing books or lyrics, it is his guiding principle behind everything he does.

Kelly has also been a lifelong entrepreneur since his teens (thanks to his awareness that he did not play well with others) and has raised two confident, powerful girls.

While this first book is expected to do well, Kelly is already plotting and twisting up more novels as we speak.

I scored an early copy of this book and it was so much more than what I expected! Romance, spirituality, band drama, social norms/lack of, religion, human condition, galaxy, politics, physics, music, existentialism, and so much more. Mr. Brewer’s first novel is much “deeper” than the story on SO many levels upon levels upon levels…
I can’t wait to read what’s next! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

– Amazon Review

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